Who we are:
  • Technology leader in the field of RFID since 1989.
  • Over 25-year track record of service and reliability.
  • On-going product R&D program.
  • Comprehensive technology and patent portfolio, including key industry patents.
  • Broad palette of products.
  • Products in over 60 nations and on seven continents.
  • Tens of millions of assets identified with TROVAN transponders.
  • Customers include major corporations and government agencies in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

First in the world…
  • To introduce a commercially usable LF RFID system.
  • To introduce laser sealed glass encapsulation in transponder production.
  • To introduce biocompatible glass for transponders used in animal applications.
  • To develop and use direct bonding technology in transponder manufacturing.
  • To develop and use high speed antenna coil winding in automatic transponder manufacturing
  • To develop and use fully automated assembly of miniature RFID transponders.

Superior technology

The TROVAN technology is based on cutting edge research and development. It is protected by eleven awarded patents, with additional patents pending. Over 200 million transponders have been manufactured using the patented TROVAN technology. You get:

  • Exceptional read distances for any given transponder form factor.
  • Exceptional read speed.
  • Unmatched system dependability.
  • Unprecedented readability near metals; transponders can be attached to metals, even flush-mounted in metals.
  • Resistance to electromagnetic interference.
  • ID code security in the TROVAN UNIQUETM and TROVAN EXTM product lines.
  • Optimized transponder manufacturability, with resulting economies of scale and cost advantages.
  • Laser programmed integrated circuits for applications where long term reliability in harsh environments required.

Comprehensive product line
A wide variety of transponder form factors and over 80 standard reader configurations available in four product families:

ICs are laser programmed, not electronically programmed, to ensure permanence of the ID code. Once a code is programmed, it cannot be altered or tampered with.
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TROVANFLEXTM system of reprogrammable transponders and reader-programmers is designed for use in production control and logistics, where data carriers must be capable of being programmed with item-specific information. Click here for more.

TROVAN EXTM readers and transponders are ATEX certified for use in hazardous Zone 1, gas group IIA & IIB environments for use in potentially explosive environments, such as mines, flour mills and petrochemical plans. Click here for more.

TROVAN FDX-B transponders are designed for use in animal and other applications that do not require unique ID codes and/or data security. Trovan, Ltd. does not manufacture ISO 11784/85 compliant transponders with duplicate coding. TROVAN FDX-B transponders are available with factory pre-programmed 15-digit ID codes, or may be programmed with an ID code according to the customer’s requirements. Click here for more.