New Products

New nano transponder smashes size barriers

O transponder novo "Nano" de Trovan supera as limitações tecnológicas
Trovan, Ltd. tem o prazer de apresentar o desenvolvimento de um microchip revolucionário, de dimensões especialmente pequenas: o novo transponder Trovan "Nano", que é de 40 por cento menor do que microchips tradicionais.

Os transponders "Nano" se encaixam em objetos ainda menores do que aqueles que podem ser identificads por microchips convencionais.
Na aplicação de identificação animal, a vantagem é um melhor tratamento dos animais: o pequeno tamanho do transponder significa menos trauma durante o implante. (As agulhas são especialmente concebidos para medir apenas 1,6 milímetros por dia.)

O novo Transponder "Nano" de Trovan está disponível em duas formas: embalado em saco a granel sem esterilização e embalados individualmente em agulhas esterilizadas.

SecureSeal provides unsurpassed asset protection

Nosso Novo Lacre Electrônico com Evidência de Violação: el ID-100S TROVAN SecureSeal

  • A codificação de códigos de ID únicos é programada por laser.
  • ID permanente e inalterável.
  • Código de ID eletrônico corresponde ao ID em código de barras e alfanumérico gravado à laser na parte externa de lacre, oferecendo segurança adicional.
  • Lacre de segurança que deixa sinais evidentes em qualquer tentativa de violaçao, para proteger melhor seus bens e contêineres.
  • Para leitura usando um terminal de coleta de dados portátil ou mesmo um leitor de passagem.
  • Alcance típico de leitura: até 240 mm (9.45 in.) com o leitor GR-250; 330 mm com o leitor LID-650/ANT-612.
  • Dimensões: 30 x 20 x 10 mm

Long range reader pushes boundaries

Our newly featured Pass-By Panel Reader provides best-of-class read ranges for every tag size. Its unmatched read range has proved useful in a range of settings and applications.

With its read range of 18 inches (up to 46 cm) for miniature glass implants, it can detect a dog that is being walked past on a leash, or an animal inside a plastic carrier. As a result, it has proved to be an indispensible tool in a number of high volume animal control shelters that want to protect staff from fractious animals while ensuring detection of microchips in the least amount of time possible. Reading operation is controlled by the foot switch.

The Pass-By Panel Reader is available in a free-standing version or in a fixed-mounted version. The Panel Reader is splash-proof, which permits use in environments regularly washed down with fresh water.

Other applications include chute-mounted panel readers for reading cattle and bison in dynamic scanning situations.

It has even been used in aquatic applications such as mounting on patrol boats to detect manatees in the wild.

Small. Smaller. Smallest: tiny OEM board for use in third-party PDTs and PDAs

Introducing the ARE 008 OEM board, whose tiny dimensions allow it to be squeezed into the tightest spaces. Measuring only 45 x 31 x 9 mm, it is suitable for installation in equipment where space is limited. The ARE 008 OEM board requires a mere 5V power, which means that it can draw power from a portable data terminal’s power supply. It has a TTL output and can be matched with our full range of single coil-style antennas and OEM antennas. To learn more about the ARE 008 board, click here, or contact us.

New ATEX System: top-of-the-line performance in hazardous environments

Trovan, Ltd. is pleased to present its new ATEX certified line of transponders and readers. These devices have been especially certified for use in hazardous Zone 1, gas group IIA & IIB environments, potentially explosive environments, of the type found in mines, petrochemical plants and flour mills.
Compared to competing ATEX systems, the TROVAN EX line offers exceptional resistance to EMI and the ability to perform while transponders are mounted on, or even flush-mounted in, metals. TROVAN EX system features unsurpassed read range and read speed, so that LPG cylinders identified with TROVAN EX transponders can be read while moving on conveyors. The TROVAN EX system encompasses three transponder models, a HandsFree prox card, as well as two different models that may be mounted on assets, as well as fixed mounted readers and a portable data terminal, for roving data collection. The ID-103G LPG Cylinder Transponder has a special tamper proof feature that precludes its removal from the cylinder, and attachment to another asset. Using two-part epoxy, the operator can attach each transponder to the cylinder within two minutes. The transponders will read through dirt, grease, paint. For more on the TROVAN EX system, please click here.

New Butterfly Pusher delivery device provides ergonomic implantation solution

Trovan’s new butterfly pusher delivery system is designed for ergonomic, easy application of transponders in animals.
For vets and breeders requiring only a small number of transponders, the butterfly pusher is a cost-effective solution, since the transponder is packaged in a single sterile blister pack together with a ready-to-use, all-in-one implanter. Separate purchase of a dedicated multi-use implanter is not required. The butterfly pusher is being offered in combination with Trovan’s innovative lancet, which allows realtime visual verification of transponder insertion. Products available with the butterfly pusher include: ID-100K TROVAN UNIQUE Animal Transponder with Butterfly Pusher, ID-160K FDX-B Compatible Animal Transponder with Butterfly Pusher, ID-162K FDX-B Animal Transponder with Butterfly Pusher