Jun 2014

Comparitive Transponder Performance


Read distance measurements often yield different results with the transponder at 0º and at 180º to the face of the reader. Consequently, both measurements are shown.
All testing is with the rotational position of the long axis of the microchip at the preferred relative position for the particular reader being tested.
All testing is initiated with the reader battery at 100% charge. The reading capability decreases as the battery charge is depleted, especially for those readers employing disposable Alkaline batteries.
All testing is with the movement of the reader very slow compared to normal “scanning” movement. This is due to the fact that the distances used were selected to be at the maximum distance that the particular reader can reliably read the Trovan microchips. At this distance, the area over which a read can take place becomes very small and slow movement insures a read is not missed.

CAUTION: Maximum read ranges shown are not optimized for reliably locating and reading a microchip implanted in a pet using normal scanning motions, if it is not known where the chip is located, and at what rotational angle it is in the pet.