New ATEX System: top-of-the-line performance in hazardous environments

Trovan, Ltd. is pleased to present its new ATEX certified line of transponders and readers. These devices have been especially certified for use in hazardous Zone 1, gas group IIA & IIB environments, potentially explosive environments, of the type found in mines, petrochemical plants and flour mills.
Compared to competing ATEX systems, the TROVAN EX line offers exceptional resistance to EMI and the ability to perform while transponders are mounted on, or even flush-mounted in, metals. TROVAN EX system features unsurpassed read range and read speed, so that LPG cylinders identified with TROVAN EX transponders can be read while moving on conveyors. The TROVAN EX system encompasses three transponder models, a HandsFree prox card, as well as two different models that may be mounted on assets, as well as fixed mounted readers and a portable data terminal, for roving data collection. The ID-103G LPG Cylinder Transponder has a special tamper proof feature that precludes its removal from the cylinder, and attachment to another asset. Using two-part epoxy, the operator can attach each transponder to the cylinder within two minutes. The transponders will read through dirt, grease, paint. For more on the TROVAN EX system, please click here.