New Butterfly Pusher delivery device provides ergonomic implantation solution

Trovan’s new butterfly pusher delivery system is designed for ergonomic, easy application of transponders in animals.
For vets and breeders requiring only a small number of transponders, the butterfly pusher is a cost-effective solution, since the transponder is packaged in a single sterile blister pack together with a ready-to-use, all-in-one implanter. Separate purchase of a dedicated multi-use implanter is not required. The butterfly pusher is being offered in combination with Trovan’s innovative lancet, which allows realtime visual verification of transponder insertion. Products available with the butterfly pusher include: ID-100K TROVAN UNIQUE Animal Transponder with Butterfly Pusher, ID-160K FDX-B Compatible Animal Transponder with Butterfly Pusher, ID-162K FDX-B Animal Transponder with Butterfly Pusher