Comparitive Transponder Performance


Read distance measurements often yield different results with the transponder at 0º and at 180º to the face of the reader. Consequently, both measurements are shown.
All testing is with the rotational position of the long axis of the microchip at the preferred relative position for the particular reader being tested.
All testing is initiated with the reader battery at 100% charge. The reading capability decreases as the battery charge is depleted, especially for those readers employing disposable Alkaline batteries.
All testing is with the movement of the reader very slow compared to normal “scanning” movement. This is due to the fact that the distances used were selected to be at the maximum distance that the particular reader can reliably read the Trovan microchips. At this distance, the area over which a read can take place becomes very small and slow movement insures a read is not missed.

CAUTION: Maximum read ranges shown are not optimized for reliably locating and reading a microchip implanted in a pet using normal scanning motions, if it is not known where the chip is located, and at what rotational angle it is in the pet.


Pet Safety Advisory - Do you own a HomeAgain Reader?

If Yes, please check your reader serial number.

If it is in the range of PKT 05144 to PKT 13207, and the reader display flashes PK1C, the version of the firmware, when the reader is first turned on by pressing the gray button, this news WILL affect you.

These readers will generally not detect ISO 11785 Annex A transponders operating at 128 kHz that are in animals alive today. Hundreds of thousands of these microchips are in animals alive today, and if your shelter, rescue or practice handles a wide range of animals using these readers you will be affected.

Fortunately, HomeAgain has recognized the issue and there is an easy software fix. Please contact HomeAgain for a free-of-charge software update without delay.

Contact 1-888-HOMEAGAIN (1-888-466-3242) for instructions.
You can also email at

New nano transponder smashes size barriers

Trovan, Ltd. is pleased to present a revolutionary development in microchip size: the new TROVAN Nano Transponder is fully 40 percent shorter than conventionally sized microchips.

Nano Transponders can be fit into objects that are even smaller in size than those that could be tagged with conventional microchips.
In the area of animal identification, the advantage is an improved standard of care for the animals: smaller size equals less trauma on implantation (the specially designed needle measures only 1.6 mm dia.)

The new TROVAN Nano Transponder is available in two presentations: packaged in non-sterile bulk form and in presterilized needles in individual blister packs.

ID-162KB now available as stock item

  • Due to high demand, we are now stocking the ID-162KB as a stock item.

This fully ISO 11784/85 FDX-B compliant transponder features a unique all-in-one presentation, with a disposable and pre-sterilized lancet and butterfly pusher combination. The special lancet design features the ImplantGaugeTM, allowing real-time visual verification of transponder insertion. For more details on the product, click here.

SecureSeal provides unsurpassed asset protection

  • Uniquely coded ID numbers are laser programmed.
  • Permanent and unalterable ID.
  • Electronic ID number matches barcoded and alpha-numeric ID printed on back flap for added security.
  • Tamper-evident seal to better secure your assets and containers.
  • Read using a portable data collection terminal, or even a walk-by reader.
  • Typical read range: 240 mm (9.45 in.) w/ GR-250 reader; 330 mm (13 in.) w/ LID-650/ANT-612 reader.
  • Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 10 mm (1.18 x 0.79 x 0.39 in.)