Jun 2009

Long range reader pushes boundaries

Our newly featured Pass-By Panel Reader provides best-of-class read ranges for every tag size. Its unmatched read range has proved useful in a range of settings and applications.

With its read range of 18 inches (up to 46 cm) for miniature glass implants, it can detect a dog that is being walked past on a leash, or an animal inside a plastic carrier. As a result, it has proved to be an indispensible tool in a number of high volume animal control shelters that want to protect staff from fractious animals while ensuring detection of microchips in the least amount of time possible. Reading operation is controlled by the foot switch.

The Pass-By Panel Reader is available in a free-standing version or in a fixed-mounted version. The Panel Reader is splash-proof, which permits use in environments regularly washed down with fresh water.

Other applications include chute-mounted panel readers for reading cattle and bison in dynamic scanning situations.

It has even been used in aquatic applications such as mounting on patrol boats to detect manatees in the wild.