ID-100A Microtransponder

ID_100A ruler_edited
  • Glass encapsulation is especially suited for use in high-humidity environments.
  • Suitable for insertion into pre-drilled holes, or for molding into plastic items.
  • Only microtransponder that can be read using a walk-by reader.
  • Typical read range: 240 mm (9.45 in.) w/ GR-250 reader; 330 mm (13 in.) w/ LID-650/ANT-612 reader.
  • Dimensions: Dia. 2.12; Length 11.5 mm (0.08 x 0.45 in.)
  • DSP-100-1: Transponder recharger, for ID-1xxA only
  • DSP-100-2: Transponder recharger, for ID-1xxA and ID-100A(1.25) nano
  • DSP-100-3: Transponder recharger, for ID-1xxA and ID-1xxA/1.4 mini
  • NDL-100-15: Needle, 15mm, luer lock, protective cap, non-sterile, bulk w/o loctite dot