LID 608 High Performance Decoder Board

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  • Versatile OEM decoder board.
  • USB comms.
  • High resistance to EMI.
  • Drives triple coil as well as single coil antennae.
  • Select from among housing options, buzzer, other features.
  • Designed for use with external multiple coil antennas, such as the ANT-610F Square Fast Read Antenna, the ANT-611 Sensor Antenna, and the ANT-612 Panel Antenna as well as single coil antennas.
  • The board can be equipped with LCD and can be connected to a load cell, allowing the operator to save an ID number and associated weight reading directly onto the decoder board.
  • Dimensions: 160 x 100 x 18 mm
  • DT-100: USB Data Logger
  • PWS-12V-1A: 110 Vac/220 Vac power supply
  • PWSCAB-EU: Mains lead Euro
  • PWSCAB-UK: Mains lead UK
  • PWSCAB-US: Mains lead US