Automation and Data Collection Solutions for Aquaculture

Above: Weighing adult salmon. Fish is in green tarp, being weighed. ANT-612 antenna is red square below. Note achievable reading distance.
Trovan is the world’s leading supplier of RFID systems to the commercial Aquaculture Industry.  Our best-in-class products are engineered for exceptional read range, read speed and biocompatibility.  The result is greatly improved ease of reading and specimen handling, while preserving the longevity and productivity of your fish.  Trovan offers turnkey solutions that enable you to quickly collect accurate data without transcription or keypad data entry errors. 

The TROVAN transponders’ reliability ensures that your fish and crustaceans are positively identified for life. The company has over 25 years of experience in Aquaculture applications
  •  Systems installed in over 60 nations and on seven continents
  • Specialists in aquaculture applications.
  • Millions of salmon, tilapia, trout and arowana identified with TROVAN® transponders, and numerous applications with crustaceans.
*Contact Trovan to discuss your requirement and receive consultation on the right solution for your application.  Learn more about fully integrated solutions. We assist our customers with full solutions including automation of tag implantation and data collection process, data management software, solutions for transponder recovery in the processing plant.

**The FishReader W is an integrated data collection station that may be used for fish such as trout, tilapia, salmon etc, as well as crustaceans. For adult salmon and possibly sturgeon and external scale head may be attached to accommodate heavier weights and larger body mass. You can see the video on the FishReader W here:

A total of 12 DataPoints are embedded along the front of the FishReader. Each DataPoint can be associated with a particular data item, at the operators option, using the our special automation software.

For instance: one data point can be assigned the meaning “MALE”; the second point can be “FEMALE”.
So, if the operator scans the corresponding data point using the PEN antenna, that data item is automatically entered into Excel: no typing needed!
12 ea. Datapoints means that you can have 12 items of data, for example:
  • MALE
or anything else that you choose.

These DataPoints can be assigned different meanings depending on the testing being done, and each testing program can be saved in the ZeusCapturer software for easy recall. 

The fish measuring board lets you measure the length of the fish and automatically enter the length measurement into Excel by using the PEN antenna to read the transponders embedded in the fish measuring board at 1 cm intervals. Each embedded transponder is associated to a length measurement (e.g. 6 cm, 7 cm, 8 cm etc.), and by scanning it with the PEN antenna, you can enter the length measurement automatically in Excel without typing it.
You can see this process in the video at the 0:25 to 0:32 minute mark.
There is also an extra transponder which lets you capture 1/2 cm intervals off to the side.
So you read the transponder at the 25 cm mark, and then you read 0.5 cm transponder off to the left if you want to capture a length of 25.5 cm.
Above: FishReader W data processing station set up and ready to go. 

Above: Entering data on FishReader W

Above: Using PEN antenna to enter a value using DataPoints.

The PrintReader is a stand-alone printer solution that can be used to generate barcodes matching transponder ID codes, for instance for trays in incubators, batches of semen or eggs etc.
PrintReader video is here:

Above: Using PEN Antenna to automatically capture length of the fish

Above: Weighing and identifying a fish in one pass.