Livestock management
Argentina ranch identifies 35,000 animals with TROVAN transponders for brucellosis eradication

At the Campo General Avalos Ranch, a ranching operation in the Argentinean province of Corrientes, the Instituto Rosenbusch has implemented a comprehensive cattle identification and management program. The ranch is a largescale operation encompassing 37,513 hectares.

More than 35,000 head of cattle were identified with the TROVAN ID-100A transponder, allowing the management to automate herd management and ensure the traceability of individual animals. The GR-100 GRIP™ Computer is being used in conjunction with application-specific software. In certain instances, LID-500 Hand Held Readers are used for back-up.

Electronic ID allows faster processing of animals, resulting in less stress to the animal and in time savings to ranch personnel. It also plays an important part in the brucellosis eradication campaign. Use of unique TROVAN ID codes to identify individual animals in conjunction with rigorous, automated record keeping will allow the operation to be declared free of brucellosis in less than one year.